Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes I think I should have had hamsters instead.

This morning, my daughter couldn't find the shoes she wanted to wear. She's 11, and it was vitally important to her that she wear her blue plaid canvas shoes and not the white sneakers that were in plain sight. It got right down to the last couple of minutes before the arrival of the bus, and the shoes still weren't found, so I suggested she wear the sneakers. In the meantime, I had gotten dressed and her 5-year-old sister had gotten ready, so the little one and I went out to the bus stop. Finally, when the bus was coming around the corner, she came out to the bus stop with the running shoes on, and she gave me the nastiest look I've ever seen on any of my kids as she got on that bus.

Clearly, I must have hidden her shoes just to make her life miserable. And wearing regular sneakers with your jeans and t-shirt is just tragic.