Friday, February 06, 2004

I think this blog needs a little color. I was thinking that I would post various banners and signatures that I have done. I really need a real graphics program. Adobe Creative Suite on my list, right after more RAM and a new video card. I can get the academic version at the college bookstore for $399.00 (which is a bargain, if you haven't checked the price).

These are various banners for Camp Check, an EverQuest guild on Xegony. The one with the undead troll is just a piece of a screenshot with caption added. I thought it was pretty funny.

Three signature files for Dikmer Orless, EverQuest dwarf cleric on Xegony. He actually used the last one. The other two seemed to annoy him, for some reason.

Two signatures for Kensha of Xegony. The first is supposed to be dark and evil looking, since she was a shadow knight by day and maniacal killer by night. (You'd have to have known her.) The latter is Kensha in high elf illusion. It is way too dark, and I couldn't seem to lighten it properly without it looking all washed out. I abandoned it pretty early on, but I think I could do something with it now to fix it, if I felt like it.

Simple. Straightforward. Not cluttered. Possibly some of my better work.

Another that I think might be among my better ones, although I can see several things I would change. First, I'd have turned off names before taking the SS. Secondly, I'd have put Buffei in front, 2/3 to the right.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I meant to get around to commenting on the name lists yesterday. So, here's the commentary:
Girls' names
Emily, Emma, Hannah, Sarah, Abigail -- Pretty, but a little old fashioned. Not really too bad, but not my style.
Madison -- Ugh.
Hailey -- Since I have a niece with this name, I will abstain from commenting.
Kaitlyn -- I think my daughter has 6 Kaitlyns in her class. The name ain't that damned amazing, folks.
Isabella, Olivia -- OMG... I actually kind of like these two. Kinda traditional, sort of out of the mainstream, maybe a little ethnic flavor. Not bad.

Boys' names
Jacob -- An old man name to my ears. But if your baby is lucky, he will be an old man, eventually.
Aidan -- Ok. I guess I can tolerate this.
Ethan -- Makes me think of furniture. Or soap operas.
Matthew -- Solid, traditional, common name.
Nicholas -- I had no idea this name would be so popular when I chose it.
Joshua -- See "Matthew".
Ryan -- My paternal grandmother's maiden name. Kid got it as a middle name. His brother got saddled with Wallace, another family name.
Michael -- Why not Gabriel or Raphael or some lesser known Angel from folklore, mythology, or the occult? Aren't there enough Michaels?
Zachary -- Not so keen on Zachary. Sounds like an ingredient. "Good stew. Needs more Zachary."
Tyler -- Make it a girl's name, and then we'll talk.
Smyrna, Delaware... Like Hell, Only Closer

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I was checking my hotmail and saw a little headline about the top 10 baby names for 2003, so I went over and had a look.

So, here they are:
The top 10 names of 2003

Girls' names

Boys' names


Yonder Baby Names Article

Monday, February 02, 2004

I can't stand horny net geeks. I joined an Adult chat room on Yahoo and was immediately IM-assaulted by half a dozen guys who wanted immediate and unconditional cybersex. That's no way to make a good impression.

I have been eating too much the last few days, stuffing myself silly. It's nerves. I just don't know what I am going to do about my situation.

Yeah, I know... "What situation?"

I'll get around to that when I am in the mood.