Saturday, July 19, 2008

More silly web adoptables

Click here to feed me a fruit!

Get your own at Dinomon!

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A Few Fun Things on the Web

I've been sending out postcards to strangers, or "postcrossing"-- I've gotten some back, too, from Germany, Austria, and Taiwan. It's a cheap and fun hobby.

As you can see in the right hand column over there, I've also started raising some little web dragons. Those are from the Dragon Cave. They go into forum signatures or whatever, and views/repeat views/clicks help them grow. Of course, the pages they are on have some fairly low-profile ads (i.e., not pop-ups), so it is a pretty clever way to generate views of those too. .

Along the same lines are the adoptable things at Valenth. These are adoptable things that you can feed. Like this one:

Feed Me!

Adopted from Valenth
I have a few of those I will add to the right hand column too, at some point. You don't actually have to sign up to get one, just to keep track of your code. I didn't sign up before I got my other two, so I will have to snag the code from my myspace page.

I am not having a baby (and my husband would be really upset if I were, having had that vasectomy and all), but I like names, so I have been hanging around a relatively new (and friendly) forum dedicated to names: ... Feel free to drop in and offer your point-of-view. You may save some poor girl from being named Grizzelanne Velour.