Thursday, January 15, 2004

I am skipping Intro to Design today. I need to write my instructor an e-mail about why I am not there. Basically, my son had an infected tooth and a corneal abrasion (sounds lovely, doesn't it? He scratched his eye.), and already had a physical scheduled this week. So, he's had appointments every day, between the dentist, the eye doctor, and the regular doctor. My husband has been handling those things, but with only one vehicle and with me being all discombobulated from my horrible mixed schedule, it has turned out to be the week from hell.

I have 4 days of work starting today. Three are big stores. One of those is in Rehoboth. (DEAR LORD, PLEASE DON'T LET THEM ASK ME TO DRIVE!!) The other store is in the mall. Oh, how I love a mall store! I haven't been into that particular store, but I do hope it is well organized so that we can just get in there and get back out.

I am feeling a little cold and tired now, so I think I am going to go on upstairs and crawl into bed for a little bit.

Monday, January 12, 2004

My weekend was suckolicious. I worked. And then I worked some more. Then I worked a little more. And it wasn't the good kind of easy-going work either.

Yesterday was a nightmare. I worked Saturday night (good, easy store, but really, really late), got home at 1am, turned around and left here at 5am, drove to the meet site (20 miles) and then got suckered into driving to the store (another 40 miles each way). The store itself was pretty big, but I had a really good day; my counts were good for the most part, and I was moving pretty fast for being so tired. The employees of the store were obnoxious, with the exception of one department manager. In most stores, they are glad to have us there because it means they aren't the ones counting out the merchandise and recording all the UPCs. In this store, the department managers and clerks acted as if we were there to serve them personally, as though their crappy jobs were that much better than our crappy job.

I'd have been fired for telling them to bite my shiny metal ass, so I just ignored and avoided them instead.

So, I got home from that at 2:30, and then had another store at 6pm. That store was awful. It was poorly designed, hard to count, and I was just too tired to be at work, really. I didn't get home until 11:30, and I was frayed around the edges when I came in. My husband said I "looked scary."

I think I should go on a crusade for better retail space design. Here's a clue, folks: if you have a store catering to the fashion needs of the 15-to-22 female shopper, you shouldn't have racks that are 7 feet up and 2+ feet deep. Your average shopper is only 5'5" (if that!) That set up is a pain to stock, a pain to shop from, and a royal pain in the ass to count, especially when every tag on every piece needs to be scanned. If you have so much freaking stock that you have 39 sweatshirts on a rack that should only have 30 on it (packed tight), then you need to order less, put some in the back room, or get more racks. C'mon, people! Think! Be realistic when you are putting your store together.

This morning was my art history class. We had to introduce ourselves to the class, and I babbled like a complete moron. I always do that. So much for first impressions! Despite my personality failure, I think I am going to really enjoy that class. I am interested in the topic.

Actually, I think the teacher asking us why we were taking the class was pretty moronic. Duh... Every person in the class is a design major of one sort or another. We're all taking the class because it is required.

So now I go back to school for my Color and Composition class. I have to be there in half an hour, and I need to stop by the registrar to get my schedule fixed, so I had better get on out of here.