Sunday, February 28, 2010

A joyful career?

Today's journal prompt is from Coaching Questions: What does a joyful career look, feel and sound like to you?

I have been giving some thought to what kind of career I might like to pursue in my second half of life, now that I am nearing 40 and my kids are growing up. I would love to have a job that I am excited about, that I can't wait to get to most days, and that I feel proud of. I want something that is going to be challenging but not frustrating, providing me with both a livelihood and a sense that I am doing something meaningful.

I have been thinking about pursuing an associate degree in Biotechnology at a local community college as a first baby step toward finding that kind of work. After that, I plan to go on to a bachelor degree in Biology, at which point I hope to find some sort of work with one of the local biotech firms while I pursue a graduate degree. I don't know what that will look, feel, or sound like, but the thought fills me with hope.