Tuesday, April 05, 2005

They call me "Dances With Skillets"

I've been too pregnant and/or too lazy to do much cooking lately. I've made my standard macaroni and cheese a few times, but nothing more complicated than that. Lots of one-skillet-wonders lately-- sloppy joes, omelets, quick fried chicken (boneless, skinless breast cut into small pieces to fry), and so on. Tonight is going to be a leftover night.

Yum! Leftovers! I know there will be some turkey and some spaghetti sauce on the Second Chance Buffet tonight.

I'm craving sweets, so I think I will make some dessert too. I've got some tapioca I could turn into pudding, and a box of cake mix. But I am craving bread pudding, I think. I think we still even have some vanilla ice cream, which would be really good on top of a nice, warm bread pudding.

I hated bread pudding when I was a kid. And custard too. I guess I had to grow up to appreciate egg-heavy desserts.

My husband says that I have a 2-track mind because I'm always thinking about sex or food. I suspect there's some truth in that little jest. I spent much of the day on track 1, and now I'm running down track 2 toward dinnertime.

I may derail for a while, though, since there are a few non-sex, non-food related things I need to take care of. Laundry must be done! But I suppose I could do laundry without thinking about it too much. I could think about having sex in a vat of strawberry jello while I stuff dirty towels and socks into the washing machine.

Mmmm... strawberry.