Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Morning Joys

It's very quiet this morning. My husband has gone to work and the kids are all still asleep. I can hear my 16 year old snoring in the basement-- he must have been watching TV late last night. Otherwise, the only sounds are the AC running, the clicking of the keys as I type this, and the soft murmur of the hard drive as I run scans. This is Monday Morning Maintenance, and not just for the laptop.

I am reading e-mail while my computer rids itself of the usual tracking cookies and the less usual spyware that someone picked up for me somewhere out there on the web. I am guessing it was one of the kids. My time on the web is pretty much limited to a handful of sites, so I generally don't pick up spyware without help.

It's rainy here this morning. The sky is a flat, grayish white. It looks like the sky texture failed to load. It's a fine day, nonetheless. When it's been hazy, hot, and humid for a couple of weeks, a little rain is a nice break.

The basil I have in the planter on the front steps looks better for having been rained on; it was looking a little tired yesterday. I don't think the rain will help the cabbage in a container on the back deck, though. I think bugs finally killed it. I will have to replant that pot with something else, I guess.

I'll have to go to the store this morning to get milk. I am drinking my coffee this morning with one of those flavored, pre-creamed instant coffees as the creamer. It's not too bad, really, but it's not the same.

I've got a toddler up now. She gave me a hug, and then went in and turned on the TV. It was left on whatever channel my husband was watching last night, so I switched it to Nickelodeon, and now she's watching Wonder Pets. She was very excited to see that it was on. I have turned this particular show off on at least one occasion when it was grating on my nerves. The Wonder Pets kept saying "herd of sheep" rather than "flock of sheep", and there came a point when I couldn't stand it anymore.

She won't be watching TV too long this morning before I drag her off to the store with me to get milk and bread. In the meantime, I am going to sit here with my coffee and work on the Teliya Nevashi Babel text.