Friday, September 09, 2011

General Update

And my life changes again.

I left my husband in July. I think I have grounds for placing the date of our separation a full month before I actually left because that's when I declared my intentions and we started living apart in the same house. That was a difficult month.

So, I've been living with my mother and in her other house (back and forth) since July 22. I started a new job in the last two days of August. I could complain that it took me a whole month to land a part-time job, but I know a lot of people are out there looking and finding nothing at all. I am just used to finding employment pretty quickly when I am seriously looking for it-- usually within two weeks-- so it was longer than I'd generally expect.

I like my new job as a caregiver for elderly people. I don't necessarily think it is something I want to do forever, but I like the one regular client I've got, and I've been able to pick up a few more shifts here and there. Tomorrow I will work a 6 hour shift, filling in for a call-out, and Monday I pick up a new, regularly scheduled gig-- twice a month to take laundry to the cleaners for someone.

I've had to adjust to not being the household matriarch. I've had to adjust to living in very tight quarters with my 2 daughters. I've had to adjust my plans for the immediate future. I'm adjusting ok, but it has been a bumpy ride.

There have been some very good things that have come along in the last few months too. I'm in love, for one thing. It's a long-distance relationship, but we seem to be handling that well, and it won't be that way forever. I've also lost some weight and started feeling better about myself in general.

Some days are better than others. As time goes on, I am having more days that grateful for what I've got and happy with my new life.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogging life.

I have started a number of blogs, as if I had time in my life for all that blogging. I think I want to figure out a schedule of posting so that I can keep those current, but without it taking over my life. (Actually, I am far more likely to abandon a blog for months or years than to spend too much time posting in it, but hey...)

I have so much to do tonight. I wasted half my day on what? Facebook? Oh, I did watch a short movie three times-- the second time with actor commentary and the third time with Esperanto subtitles. It was a movie titled "Conlang". Very cool.

I feel really tired and fuzzy in the head tonight, but I have both housecleaning and writing yet to do.